by Jakub Beneš

Minato backpack: How to use it properly

The Minato backpack uses the " Free to switch " system, ...
Minato batoh: Jak ho správně používat

The Minato backpack uses the " Free to switch " system, which allows you to change its size according to your needs and desired style.

1. Basic setup (small size)

Top pocket with Batohiro logo, throw over the backpack and use the bottom buckles that you pull all the way down to let the straps hang. It is also possible to establish them. See picture. 

This will give you the most secure backpack setting. It covers the front pocket so no thief can get to it. This setup is the most secure as it also covers the small zippered pocket. 

2. Advanced settings (medium size)

Roll up the top pocket and use the top buckles to fasten with the buckles on the shoulders. See Figure 2.

This setting gives you the possibility to have a securely closed main large pocket, and you can also put a sweatshirt or something necessary under the straps.

You can freely access the medium pocket (velcro) and the small zip pocket. 

3. Maxi setting (large size)

Do not roll the top pocket, but simply fold it over and stick it to the Velcro. That's all. Backpack volume. 

4. Additional tips

The backpack has six main pockets.

1) Two lateral

2) Quick-zip pocket

3) Front pocket with Velcro

4) Main pocket

5) Small pocket on the lid

6) PC pocket on the back

The main pocket of the backpack contains 4 other pockets that can be used. It's about:

1. Padded PC pocket, back and front. So it is not necessary to put the computer in the package. He will be completely protected. 

2. Pocket for documents.

3. Two smaller pockets for small items.

The backpack is made of a special material that is waterproof. The backpack is also resistant to abrasion.