by Jakub Liška

Batohiro materials guide

Join us on the journey to more sustainable fashion that respects ou...
Průvodce materiály Batohiro

Welcome to the world of BATOHIRO, where fashion means much more than just trendy pieces.

Our philosophy is to create a brand that refuses to be identified with the principles of fast fashion. We carefully select each material, with an emphasis on local purchases and cooperation with suppliers from the European Union. Our production takes place exclusively on the soil of the Czech Republic, which allows us not only to reduce the ecological footprint of our products, but also support the local economy and provide jobs in our community.

At BATOHIRO we go even further. Our direct collaboration with suppliers and seamstresses means we know every pair of hands involved in the production of our backpacks, t-shirts and hoodies. This personal approach not only guarantees the high quality of our products, but also ensures that every piece you receive from us is the result of careful work and expertise.

Join us on the journey to more sustainable fashion that respects our planet and supports local communities. With BATOHIRO, it's not just about what you wear, it's also about the story you tell with it.


Cordura® - fabrics

A highly durable technical fabric that is three times as durable as polyester and twice as durable as standard nylon. It is used where increased material resistance is required, for example in the equipment of the US Army. The material is used to reinforce stressed parts of garments and is water resistant and easy to maintain. 

Cordura® 1000D indicate the strength of the fiber, where "D" stands for Denier, a unit measuring the weight of 9 km of fiber in grams. Cordura® 1000D is used in extreme conditions.

Production is in Germany.


FIDLOCK® - locking magnetic systems

The magnetic fastening is the pinnacle of thoughtful design, where the fastening parts connect almost magically by themselves when they are approached. Despite this simplicity, the connection offers a high degree of security and stability thanks to the integrated locking mechanism. Opening is then a piece of cake - one simple movement is all it takes. This original patented system turns a common routine activity like fastening a backpack into an unexpectedly fun experience, which may sound a bit exaggerated, but it is.

Behind the German brand FIDLOCK is the story of Joachim Fiedler, who grew from a childhood dreamer of a harvester handing out sandwiches with jam into an inventor and entrepreneur. Already at the age of 16, he created his first patent – ​​a system for transporting a cello on a bicycle, which was just the beginning of his innovative journey. His work led to the development of magnetic holders, key to the closure mechanisms in today's school bags. With more than 400 patents and a nomination for the European Inventor of the Year 2022, Joachim's story becomes an inspiration, showing the power of dreaming and innovation to change the world.


YKK - zippers

The beginning of YKK's story goes back to Japan, where on January 1, 1934, Tadao Yoshida founded a company known as YKK, which stands for Yoshida Kogyo Kabushikikaisha, or Yoshida Ltd. Today, it employs over 46,000 people worldwide. YKK is also known for the high quality of its zippers. These zippers are valued for their durability, reliability and perfect workmanship, thanks to which they retain functionality even after long-term use. Some models of YKK zippers are additionally equipped with waterproof treatment.


SCREEN PRINTING - clothing printing

Screen printing is a printing technique that is often used for printing T-shirts and other textile products. High print quality and durability. The lifespan of screen printing on t-shirts and other textile products can be very long, especially if proper print care practices are followed. Quality screen printing can withstand hundreds of washes without significant color fading or design wear. To maximize the life of the print, it is recommended to wash the products inside out and air dry. We print in Prague.


Bavlna - trika

100% cotton is a natural material that is sought after all over the world for its excellent properties. 100% cotton is a classic, ecological and functional choice for those looking for comfort, quality and sustainability in their textile products.

This textile is obtained from the cotton plant, the fibers of which are used to produce a soft, comfortable and breathable material. Cotton is particularly valued for its ability to absorb and wick away moisture, making it an ideal choice for summer wear. With proper care, they retain their shape and color.

Care: Wash in water at a temperature corresponding to the instructions on the label, usually 30-60°C. Avoid using bleach, which can damage the fibers. Dry naturally in the air or in a tumble dryer at a low temperature. We only buy materials within the EU.


CORTEXIN - substances

It is a waterproof fabric with a water-repellent finish. Kortexin is a material made of 100% polyester, on the back of which a layer of pure, non-recycled PVC is applied.

This material boasts excellent quality, useful properties and technical parameters. Kortexin represents a unique type of laminated textile. We thus guarantee high strength and other important properties, verified by laboratory tests. Made in the Czech Republic.


STRAPS - for backpacks and waist bags

Our backpacks and fanny packs are equipped with straps from Tišnov in the Czech Republic, from a company with a tradition dating back to 1842. It originally specialized in the production of ropes and ropes for agricultural and industrial purposes, and over time expanded its range to include nets and straps. Since 1999, it has held the ČSN EN ISO 9001 quality certificate, which it regularly renews. The company exports its products to 30 countries and all production takes place in the Czech Republic.


At BATOHIRO it is important to us that each product lasts as long as possible. That is why we are adding a post-warranty repair service to our philosophy of sustainability and quality from 2024. This step underlines our commitment to product longevity and reducing their ecological footprint. We therefore offer the possibility of repairs so that your favorite pieces remain in excellent condition for many years.

With BATOHIRO, you invest in quality that lasts.