by Jakub Beneš

Which backpack to choose for the plane: A guide for comfortable travel

Traveling by plane brings many joys, but also a few challenges, es...
Jaký batoh vybrat do letadla: Průvodce pro pohodlné cestování

Traveling by plane brings many joys, but also a few challenges, especially when it comes to choosing the right backpack. Not only do you have to consider size and capacity, but also safety standards and practicality for in-cab transport. In today's article, we will bring you useful tips and advice on how to choose the right backpack for your flying adventure. 

Size and dimensions

The first step in choosing a backpack for the plane is to consider its size and dimensions. Most airlines have exact rules for hand luggage dimensions. It is important to choose a backpack that meets these restrictions to avoid possible problems at check-in.

Material and durability

For an airplane backpack, it is important to choose a durable material that protects the contents of the backpack from shocks and moisture. Backpacks made from quality nylon or polyester are usually lightweight and durable. Check that the backpack has strong seams and quality zippers to reduce the risk of breakage or damage during handling. Take a look at our offer

Safety features

With safety in mind, we include not only safe storage of valuables, but also features that meet safety regulations. Some backpacks have special pockets with RFID protection against data scanning, which can be useful for protecting personal data. Lockable zippers are another security feature that protects your possessions from unauthorized access.

Comfort and practicality

Avoid heavy and uncomfortable backpacks, especially if you plan long transfers at the airport. Ergonomic straps and the back of the backpack with good ventilation are key elements for comfort during wear. The presence of a zipped pocket for easy access to your passport, wallet and mobile phone can make traveling much easier. 


A good flight bag should have a smart layout so you can easily find what you need and get through airport security quickly. Pockets for a laptop, special pockets for tickets, USB ports for charging electronics - all this can contribute to a trouble-free journey.

Final thoughts

Consider your individual needs and preferences when choosing a backpack for the plane. Batohiro offers a wide range of quality backpacks that meet not only aesthetic but also practical criteria for air travel. Be ready for every vacation with a backpack that allows you to enjoy traveling without worrying about the safety and comfort of your belongings. Bon voyage! Take a look at our offer