by Jakub Beneš

Why are handmade products in the Czech Republic more expensive than the products of large companies?

We often tend to forget that behind every handmade product is human...
Proč jsou ručně vyráběné produkty v Česku dražší než produkty velkých firem?

Nowadays, when we decide between buying a product made by hand and a mass-produced product from a large manufacturer, we often notice the difference in price. We often come across the question why handmade products, especially in the Czech Republic, are more expensive than their industrially produced counterparts.

One of the main factors that increases the price of handmade products is the manufacturing process itself. Where mass production uses machines and automation to achieve efficiency and lower costs, manual production often requires more time and attention from an individual or small team. Each piece is made with care and attention to detail, which increases labor costs.

Another important factor is the location of production. In the Czech Republic, labor costs are generally higher than in countries with a lower cost of living. This is reflected in the price of the final product. Additionally, while large companies can use cheap labor abroad, artisans often rely on local talent and resources, which can also increase costs.

It is also important to mention the quality and uniqueness that is often associated with hand-crafting. Each piece is individual and may have its own unique features or design. This can bring more value to the customer, but also increases the cost of production.

Although the price of handmade products may seem higher, it is important to remember that this price reflects the value of work, quality and individuality that these products offer. We often tend to forget that behind every handmade product is human work and passion. This also applies to small details, such as a print, embroidery or label on a T-shirt, which is made in the Czech Republic by a local company with love for craftsmanship and care for every piece. 

So when considering buying handmade products, it's important to remember that the higher price may be a reflection of the value these products bring. By supporting handicrafts and local artisans, we can also support the preservation of our country's traditional skills and cultural heritage.